About OneNEss Sound

OneNEss Sound was founded April 1989 by Likkle Roy in Atlanta, Georgia. Known as the 5-Star Sound System, OneNEss is a remixed veteran sound of DJs who brings a different flare to ANY and EVERY event with home based locations in Atlanta Georgia, Christiana Jamaica W.I., South Florida, New York City and more.


Under the current leadership of MixMasta Junior, OneNEss Sound’s mission is to provide "The OneNEss Experience" to all events they are associated with. They have provided this experience to everything from private events, concerts/stage shows, clubs, and corporate events, to name a few.


Over the years, traveling throughout the U.S.A. and Caribbean specializing in Reggae, Soca, Hip-Hop/R&B, Top40/Pop, and more, OneNEss has had its share of legendary DJs: Likkle Roy, Selector OV, Dr. Love, Pablo, Jason (Pier 1 Jamaica), and Chicken (The Producer), bring the sound to a level that can never be forgotten. From DJing live in parties to entering into competitive competitions as they call it in the Caribbean, "Sound Clash".



The new generation of OneNEss Sound consists of: MixMasta Junior, DJ Magnum, DJ Bonzy, DJ CJay and DJ Rastar. Along with music, OneNEss has business associations with Planet Rock DJs, J. Chung Innovations, Holmwood Past Students Association W.I., Carey Williams AV, Lasting Affairs (NYC) and much more. They have expanded their skill set to ensure The OneNEss Experience with Staging, Pro-Audio, Lighting, and Video Recording/Photography.


At OneNEss, it is all about the customer experience and with their musical expertise coupled with their technical knowledge, they deliver The 5-Star OneNEss Sound Experience everytime.

We are proud of our associations:

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